For many dog parents, leaving their furry family member for the first time can be a stressful experience. Pooch Resort staff goes the extra mile to calm both dogs and their parents. We’ll care for your pup as if they’re our own and ensure they have the most exciting day ever!


Dog daycare should be more than just a place to leave your dog when you’re unable to be with them. We treat your pup to fun-filled days of socializing with other dogs, interacting with our caring staff, exercising and burning off plenty of energy. You’ll no longer feel guilty about not having enough time or energy to play with your dog after a long day of work because at the end of every day, you’ll pick up a perfectly happy pup. 



Wanting to be part of a pack is deeply instinctual for dogs; that’s why we integrate open play with others into their daily routine. Regular playtime with other dogs has a number of benefits, including:

  • Being more social around dogs and people                 

  • Staying physically fit. Pet obesity is a growing concern, as a recent study suggests 67% of US dogs are overweight                                                                  

  • Learning positive behavior, leading to less doggie mischief at home



Our dog daycare facilities includes a spacious climate-controlled indoor playroom along with an outside play area. Before staying with us, our staff first meets with your dog to ensure they will be a good fit for our open play environment.

Our playroom floors are specially designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. The floor coating provides a soft, easy to sanitize surface that makes for happy paws and pups.


 Need a cuteness fix? You can easily check in on your furry family member throughout the day via our playroom webcams using your computer or smartphone. You’ll see firsthand how attentive our staff is with your dog.

Daycare services will be provided @ $3.50 an hr. 

Each additional dog @ $1.75 an hr. 

Discounted Daycare Rate Packages

25 Hours @ $69.00 ($2.76 an hr.)

50 Hours @ $132.00 ($2.64 an hr.)


Going away for a much-needed vacation? Well, let your pet take a vacation with us! We offer Boarding packages that will fit any budget. 


Dogs will spend their day filled with fun and play. Properly supervised, your pet will be able to hang out, romp, make friends, and run and jump to his/her heart's content!  


Every dog needs their days to kick back and be pampered. Allow our trained grooming staff to give a day at the spa for your loved pets. 

Mon.-Fri. 8-5

Sat. 8-12

161 Hale St.
Hurricane, WV 25526