Dog Boarding

Going on vacation? Why not treat your dog to one as well? Our friendly staff will do everything we can to ensure Pooch Resort feels like a home away from home to your furbaby.


Whether they need overnight, weekend, holiday or extended care, your dog will spend their days enjoying play time with their new friends. We care about your dog’s safety, comfort, and happiness.

Feel free to bring their favorite bedding or non-squeak toy to make them feel more relaxed and enjoy the familiarity of home during their stay.


We also encourage you to bring your dog’s own food and treats. We’ll accommodate any special dietary needs your pup may have, and won’t charge extra for feeding or administering medication. Dogs boarded with us will burn off any excess energy during a full day of play. They will be tired but happy when they go to bed. 

We ask, if you are able, that you to bring your pup to our location prior to an overnight or extended stay so they have a chance to get used to our facility and our staff. We’ll make sure your pup feels happy, safe and fulfilled even when you can’t be with them.


Pooch Resort will be their home away from home where they’ll enjoy their own personal space to have fun and stay happy.

Boarding per night is provided @ $35.00 a night.*


Each additional dog will be provided a nights stay @ $10.00 a night. **

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* If pet(s) is/are not picked up by the set checkout time of that day, hourly daycare rates will be charged up to the time of store closing for each pet. After closing hours, an additional day of boarding will be charged for each pet and daycare rates will be removed from bill.  

** Each additional dog may stay at the resort for an extra $10.00 per night but must share a 5X5 room. To have each dog have their own room, full price for both dogs will be charged.


Going away for a much-needed vacation? Well, let your pet take a vacation with us! We offer Boarding packages that will fit any budget. 


Dogs will spend their day filled with fun and play. Properly supervised, your pet will be able to hang out, romp, make friends, and run and jump to his/her heart's content!  


Every dog needs their days to kick back and be pampered. Allow our trained grooming staff to give a day at the spa for your loved pets. 

Mon.-Fri. 8-5

Sat. 8-12

161 Hale St.
Hurricane, WV 25526